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Another blog owned by Ai! This is a side blog from Shingeki-no-Eren-Jaeger and I write fanfictions of different OTPs from the snk fandom! I accept prompts and I also like to think up headcanons from time to time.

My favorite pairings to write about is Beruani, Rivetra, and Eremika, etc!

Just so you guys know, I don't write anything Yaoi or Yuri related. It's just not my forte.
I hope you guys enjoy!

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  • Surprise! - Rivetra

    Petra dashed in the building as soon as her taxi stops in front of it. The taxi driver almost yelled at her for not paying until he looked at the back seat and found the amount he asked for as well as tip.

    Petra paid no mind to the voice of the taxi driver thanking her and quickly went through the metal detectors before greeting her co-workers at the front desk 

    "What’s the hurry, Petra?" One of them asked but Petra ran past them and told them she’ll talk to them later. She arrived in front of the elevator’s closed doors and tapped the button to call it down.

    Luckily, the elevator’s doors opened as soon as she pressed it down and she hurriedly walked inside before pressing the button to the top floor. She impatiently began to tap her foot against the floors of the elevator, mumbling the words, “come on,” as she looked up at the continuous dinging lights that indicated each floor’s arrival.

    Finally reaching the top floor, Petra quickly slipped through the space of the opening metal doors of the elevator and ran down the hallway of offices. She started to pant but it didn’t stop her from wanting to reach her destination.

    "Petra! Did you sort out the papers for the evidence of criminal case #25?" She heard her co-worker yell from one of the offices she just past. She looked behind her and saw her co-worker sticking her head out from her office cubical and looking rather serious. 

    "Ye-Yeah! In my office! On my desk! I’ll run it by you later!" Petra barked out and continued to run down the hall. She then spotted one of her friends, Hanji Zoe, and a co-worker talking over a cup of coffee in the hallway. Hanji quickly spotted the speeding red headed woman and called out to her as she passes.

    "Petra! You gonna join us for dinner after work?" A big smile was upon her face when she asked. But her smile fell once Petra replied back.

    "I’m sorry! Can’t! Save me some Sushi with a LOT of wasabi if you’re going to Yakiniku again!" Petra waved at her before picking up speed and leaving behind a sulking Hanji.

    Petra then reached a corner and turned sharply. “Oof!” She abruptly met with someone’s chest and was about to fall back until she felt an arm go around her waist and held her up. She opened up her tightly shut eyes that was readying for impact and met with a gentle smile from a tall blond man.

    "Er-Erwin?" She called his name as she bend over to catch her breath. Erwin quickly removed his hand from her waist.

    "You shouldn’t run in the halls, Petra." He lectured her but oddly enough, a smile was still on his lips.

    "Ye-Yeah… I’m sorry. Where’s the boss?" She stood up straight, her heavy breathing now reduced to soft pants. 

    "He should still be in his office. But why—" Petra didn’t wait for him to finish and rudely interrupted him by running away from him in the direction of her boss’s office. Erwin sighed softly and shook his head before turning the corner and carrying on with his work.

    As for Petra, she continued on down the hallway until she was in front of the large double doors. She didn’t hesitate to burst open the doors and walk in. And there she found Levi, her boss, sitting at his desk and drinking his usual black tea. She caught him lifting the tea cup to his lips but he paused, noticing Petra appearance in his office.

    "Petra? What’s wrong?" He set his cup down, a little dissatisfied that he was interrupted but also curious about Petra’s urgency. But Levi couldn’t react fast enough to Petra suddenly dashing towards him. He stared at her wide eyed as she was by his side in a second and in the next upon his lap. The rolling chair spun around, almost falling back because of the weight upon it. A huge smile was on her face as she hugged him tightly. And until she pulled away, Levi respond:

    "What has gotten into you?" He stared up at her with his usual stern expression but it didn’t bother Petra one bit. Instead…

    "I’m pregnant!" She yelled happily which caught Levi off guard. Petra threw herself at him once more and the chair finally gave in. The back of Levi’s chair hit the floor and the both of them ended up on the ground. Petra was now on top of Levi, a big grin still on her face. Levi parted his lips and a huge sigh left them. He placed one of his hands on his forehead and pointed to Petra’s stomach with the other. 

    "Don’t be reckless especially if you got a baby in there." He lectured her.

    "We’re going to be parents!" She ignored his words and hugged him tightly and then quickly pulled away. "We can get a son!"

    "Or a daughter." Levi says. 

    "Which do you prefer?" She asks. 

    Levi shook his head, “doesn’t matter as long as the baby comes out healthy and strong.”

    The auburn haired girl laughs, “right?” She leaned down and gently pressed her lips upon Levi’s before burying her head on his shoulder. Levi felt her frantic beating heart against his chest. He then wrapped one arm around her waist and rest his hand behind her head, feeling her soft hair underneath his fingertips as he pets her. He knew she must have been nervous to tell him and when he heard and felt a sigh of relief coming from her against his neck, it confirmed his thoughts.

    "I’m really happy." She murmured into his ear, making Levi’s stern expression soften into a very faint smile. He nodded, tightening his hold on her.

    "Yeah, me too."



    "By the way, why do you smell like cologne?” Levi brings the cup of tea to his lips as he sits on the large window sill of his office. Petra was sitting upon his rolling chair, gently spinning it back and forth.

    "Cologne…?" Petra asked herself as she looks to the ceiling in thought. She hummed a bit and spun the chair around before stopping when a thought came to her. “Oh! Probably from Erwin.”

    Levi grew annoyed, “Erwin?”

    "Yeah." She nodded. “When I was running over here, I bummed into Erwin and I was about to fall on the ground until Erwin grabbed me.”

    "Grabbed you?” His voice lowered.

    "Yup!" Petra replied as she went back to spinning the chair. Levi looked down at his tea, almost glaring at it as he took a sip. He turned his head to look out the window, silence growing between them until…

    "Petra." He called her.

    "Hm?" Petra turned to look his way.

    He didn’t reply right away until he took another sip of his tea. “Remind me to fire Erwin.”

    "Wh-what?" She stopped spinning the chair to stare at him, baffled at his jealousy. 

    "I’m gonna fire him…” He mumbled mostly to himself. 

    "Wai-Wait! Levi, he just helped me. If he didn’t, the fall might have damage the baby.”

    Levi scoffed. “Says the one who knocked us both to the ground.”

    "Levi!" Petra rushed besides him, red in the face, and hands rolled up into fists.

    "Fine. I’ll let him go.” He sighed before taking another sip of his tea. “Just this once.”


    Just a little thing I thought of~ I hoped you guys enjoyed it!